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What our clients say

19,000+ satisfied customers since 2009

Malcolm H. energyradio.com.es

An absolutely brilliant service, reliable, best quality and very cost effective. The Auto DJ facility is first class and gives us valuable backup in an area where our broadband is sometimes fragile.

David J. dropdeaddubstep.com

I've been using VosCast for almost a month now and I must say that I really like it. Takes me 5 seconds to reboot the server, never crashes, never goes down. It's great.

Bobby M. trustglobalradio.com

When looking for a streaming service we did a lot of research and found value for money and most importantly VosCast could provide just what we were looking for. Thank you VosCast.

The Voice of Peace thevoiceofpeace.co.il

We're glad to say that we've found a good home for our station. Uptime is 100%! Quality is amazing. We love our new home!

Christopher F. yahshuanradio.com

I set up my first internet radio station through VosCast and the customer support made it very easy for me to set up, the quality of the streams are easy to manage, and VosCast also gives you free html codes for your websites which is a lifesaver.

Bob K. projectfreedom.ws

VosCast has provided us with exceptional service for our website. The process for changing from AutoDj to live is simple and straight forward. We are pleased that we do not have to spend valuable time trying to config the software.

Frank H. XBN247.com

I absolutely love VosCast and all the services that they provide for our new radio station, XBN. It's been a blessing and we're reaching thousands because of the vision that VosCast has. It's an incredible service offered at an affordable price.

Rochelle H.

The software is very user friendly, quick and easy to set up, and to distribute for promotions. I also love the hands free, worry free AutoDj. I can't tell you how much time it frees up.

Jeffrey P. buzzair.ca

I was paying more elsewhere for half the bit rate and only 3 simultaneous listener slots. The VosCast service provides so much more for so much less out of my pocket!

Sun-Mu raplord.com

VosCast has been the most reliable company when it comes to providing broadcasting for online radio! They are by far the best at it. Thank you VosCast!

Howard G. galganov.com

I've been a subscriber to the services of VosCast for the last several months, and can attest to the service and clarity of the broadcast.

Francis A. earlyliferadio.com

I was shopping around for online radio providers when I discovered VosCast. I found VosCast to be flexible in terms of bit rates and billing. If I was to start all over again, I would still choose VosCast.


VosCast provides the best technical support. Willing to work tirelessly in accomplishing the task and deals with you in a way that you can understand things without talking down to you or making you feel like you are not very smart.

Iceman jam106fm.com

There is no such thing as number one but VosCast is beyond number for me. Two words I can say: "THE BEST"

Zahid J. voiceofummah.org

I am blessed for having found the best, most reliable and outstanding service since 2011. This is why I continue to recommend you guys and don't use anyone else.

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