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Base Features
  • Stream live using your Icecast or SHOUTcast server.
  • Unlimited listeners, bandwidth, and storage.
  • HTML5 Player & Scripts to integrate on your website.
  • Ability to set your Icecast or SHOUTcast server as a relay server.
  • Instant setup upon payment.

Broadcasting Options
  • Broadcast live using popular programs such as Mixxx or Audio Hijack.
  • Station automation platform. Stream to your server from our web interface.

  • View the current number of listeners, unique listeners, average listening time, and more.
  • View details about each current listener, including geolocation information.
  • View the hourly listener count for the current day.
  • View hourly usage for the past month.
  • Ability to export station statistics in xml format.

Free Scripts
  • HTML5 player you can place on your own website to play your stream
  • Playlist files you can place on your own website.
  • HTML statistics you can place on your website, using javascript! No programming knowledge required. Works on any site.
  • Full PHP scripts for use on your website. Create your own scripts!
  • Proxy PHP scripts. Is your website behind a strict firewall? Our proxy scripts enable you to still place statistics on your website.

Station Automation Platform
  • Broadcast from anywhere using your web browser by uploading songs to our easy to use web interface.
  • Schedule your station one day or multiple days ahead using our playlist creator.
  • Specify specific times for the automation service to stop/start broadcasting to your server.
  • Stream 24/7 - you don't even need to be on the computer.
  • Upload MP3 files that are in any bitrate. Our servers will automatically convert them on-the-go to the correct bitrate to match your server.
  • Upload as many songs as you want. It's unlimited!
  • Specify extra options, such as if to shuffle music, or to crossfade music.
  • Upload advertisements and schedule them to play at specific times.

  • Quality support from our professional team of experts. We're always here to help you!
  • Full access to our knowledgebase - find easy to understand answers to your questions.
  • "Quick Listen" page, which enables you to quickly listen to your station, even if you don't yet have a website.

We spoke with tech support who walked us through the set up and got us up and running immediately! We had a FLAWLESS broadcast, the stream sounded GREAT and we've received tons of compliments on the quality of the broadcast. For an internet radio show, 96K stereo is an EXTREMELY high quality (most run at 32K). Our listeners were ecstatic, our recordings came out beautifully and everyone is happy.

Chris G.

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